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James Ray:



(Apex-Verlag - 2017)

A Novel & A Screenplay

ISBN: 978-3-73969904-2

Illustrated E-Book - 148 p.


Psychodalek is the companion novella to the James Rays Gangwar album of the same name. Each chapter of the book parallels a single track on the album.

The book itself travels alongside a schizophrenic murderer with dwells in near future London. Much of the visual imagery is derived from the complex emotional circumstances behind each violent twist of the protagonists psyche. The plot, while extremely violent and disturbing, poses an monumental question. Are we truly products of our environment, and if so, then are we ultimately to blame for our actions which society implicitly has given to us? The book humbly suggest that this is the case and that even the most perverse criminal offenders only commit those crimes that society has breed them to perform. In essence that the downfall of civilization can be directly linked to our own self-imposed destructive tendencies. What we choose to take away from this message is perhaps the reason why the author has chosen to write this crude parable. If only a single person, such as the book's lead, can annihilate a menagerie of victims, that maybe a single person can work to rebuild our perverse society from it's suicidal cinders.


This new e-book edition includes the original Psychodalek novella plus the Screenplay The Wild, The Beautiful And The Damned, illustrated by Christian Dörge.