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Ronald M. Hahn & Harald Pusch:


(Apex-Verlag - 2016)

A Novel

ISBN: 978-373966656-3

E-Book - 136 p.


1887: Adventurers from all over the world sell all their property, buy equipment and provisions and cross the Chilcoot pass in hope of finding gold at the Klondike. But not all of them are what they seem to. In fact, some have spent a fortune for the adventure of their lifetime. They are Temponauts, tourists from a future where Alaska at the time of the gold rush has become the romantically glorified hit of a time travelling agency. But there's a catch: Temponauts may not alter the past, lest they jeopardize their own future.

Temponaut Nick Scott is well on his way to break all rules of time tourism. He has lost his memory, forgot his origin and is chased by mysterious enemies without knowing why. He meets Constance, a woman from the future who has known him well there. Together they search for the last remaining time gate and can only hope that their future world still exists.


Ronald M. Hahn - seven times winner of the Kurd Lasswitz-Preis, the most prestigious German science fiction award - and Harald Pusch tell a gripping adventure yarn set against the background of Jack London's gold digger world.